Hey all,

Just wanted to know if JDO is alternative to JDBC? I.e which is the best to use for database conectivity?

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JDO is not correspondent or competing with JDBC JDO is competing with EJB Entity beans, JDO is an object that presents a Presistant entity, which means it is needed to be stored into database and JDO uses JDBC to store its data into database. for more information refer to those links:



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lcoolsinghAuthor Commented:
Hi again,

Thanks for the reply... Basically im goin to be doin alot of database work with java, so would you recommend me using JDBC? Or is their some other database API/Interface for example that i can use with java for accessing data from a database?

In all cases u will use JDBC but I recommend that u use a persistance technology to ease the development and increase ur productivity, if ur application server is J2EE 1.3 complaint go for the EJB model (Session + entity beans) and use the paterns found at:


if not their is a lot of alternative persistance technologies like:
1- hibernate refer to http://www.hibernate.org/
2- Toplink refer to http://otn.oracle.com

Good luck
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lcoolsinghAuthor Commented:
Im going to be developing a standalone desktop information system, surely JDBC would be appriopiate 4 this?

Yes and u can Adopt JDO too
If your datastructures are simple, you can just use plain object serialization or XML to save your persistant data.
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