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I have applied an group policy on my domain controller in windows 2000 server.But the thing iam facing problem is my group policies are not applied to all the computers which are added to the domain,instead it applies to my domain controller system only.I have not created OU's.So is that the problem why iam not able to apply GP's.i tried using the command secedit on my other systems but unable to apply it.what could be the problem.can anyone help it out ?

Vinod Kumar R
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mrielfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You must place the .pol file into C:\WINNT\SYSVOL\sysvol\yourdomain\SCRIPTS (the directory witch is shared as NETLOGON)
sounds like you created a group policy for the domain controllers only....

try this if you haven't already...

open active directory users and computers---select then right click the domain name (should be at the top)---select properties---select the group policy tab----make sure default domain policy is selected---click edit (near bottom of the window)

set your policy here and it should be applied to all computers in your domain
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make sure that this policy is not disabled or blocked in anyway...

let us know if you need more clarification.
there are other things to check on but this is a good starting point.... it should work for  you...

but if you don't mind, please tell us the steps you took to create the policy that you already created...that could shed some light on what might be amiss.
r4vinodtprAuthor Commented:
Hi Paul,

 What i have created is detailed in step by step as follows

I have created a domain controller and added 15 computers to the domain as such.I have not created any OU's.

Then opened Active Directory users and computers.on that right click my domain name and went to Group Policy Tab settings.There i have edited the Group Policy in administratie templates for internet settings for disabling the connections tab.

Then i used the command secedit on my domain controller machine.Group policy has been applied successfully on my domain controller machine.But when i checked the other computers it has not been applied after using secedit too.

Could u plz help me out what should be done to apply the GP settings on my domain computers.

Thanks in advance

Vinod Kumar R
to troubleshoot use gpresult and gpotool, i believe they are in the resource kit... when used on the computer they check to see if the computer is finding gpo's or not....

on the default domain policy try checking no override.....

in both user and computer administrative templates, make sure that the group policy refresh interval is set to whatever time you desire....

after running secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy and user_policy check in event viewer application log for sceCli events, those tell you that the policy has been applied

go to the same place where you created the policy and click properties... check to see that the policy is linked to the domain ..... if it is linked to the domain it should be applied to the computers ou

other resource kit utilities to troubleshoot with: dcdiag and netdiag

you can try readding one of the computers to the domain to see if that fixes the probem....

If the asker does not respond.... split the points?
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