CD burning software using two computers..

I currently use a desktop and a laptop for work. I use CD-rw disks to save files to take with me, as well as transfer between two computers. I run into problems because the cd burning software is different on the two machines and if I format a disk on one machine it is not writeable on the other. Do I need to have the same cd burning software on both machines? Any other suggestions?
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dis1931Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would suggest using the same burning software.  While in theory it should be able to use any software many software vendors use slightly different processes and algorithms and these can cause problems when interacting with each other especially when trying to use re-writeable features from both.

What operating system is on each machine?
cdcataisAuthor Commented:
Windows XP Pro on both. Itried using the built in burning software but it did not seem to work well with the briefcase feature, which I use to swap and save files between computers.
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