Error Message from Microsoft Outooks 2003, and Why hasn't my open question been answered?

First, I've re-installed Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003, which includes Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, as pertains to my open question that has been open for quiet some time now, I've used Detect & Repair, did a Non-destructive, then a destructive Recovery or Windows XP on my computer, then re-installed, did a Detect & Repair, and I still can't get in Tasks the Format/Fonts, Size, or whatever to stay Saved.  Moreover, keep getting a new "Error Message:  Error in registry for extension 'Remote Exchange Extensions C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033\EMSUI32.DLL'.  The syntax or format of the registry entry is incorrect.  Check the registry settings and compare the registry for this extension to otherextensions in the registry."  If I'm missing something about form and procedure in this group, please inform me, because I don't understand why my previous or "open question" hasn't been answered yet.  Moreover, I now add this, because of the Error Message I keep receiving every time I try to use Outlook.  Please advise.
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This process normally resolves the error you are getting:

Rename the Cache Files

Search for the following four files and rename them by changing the file extension from ".dat" to ".old". These four files are temporary cache files that Outlook 2003 loads on startup. (Be sure to check the "Search hidden files and folders" box under "More advanced options")

outcmd.dat (it is located in "C:\Documents and Settings\<LogName>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook" by default)
extend.dat (it is located in "C:\Documents and Settings\<LogName>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\" by default)
frmcache.dat (it is located in "C:\Documents and Settings\<LogName>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\FORMS" by default)
views.dat (note: The Views.dat file may not exist on some systems. This file is only generated when you create a custom view.)

If they are not there, please perform a whole system search for them.
Note: The folder is hidden by default. Please use the following method to show it:
1. From the Start menu, go to Settings-->Control Panel-->Folder Options.
2. Go to View tab and select "Show hidden files and folders". The hidden folder will be shown then.
3. Start Outlook to see if the problem is resolved.

If the problem is still there, proceed with the next session:

Delete the extension registry key
1. Click Start, click Run, and type "regedit" (without the quotation marks) in the Open box.
2. Navigate to the following key:
3. Backup the Extensions key by selecting the registry key, and on the Registry menu, click Export Registry File. (Note the folder location where the registry file is stored)
4. Delete the extensions registry key.

Restart the computer and try again.

As for the other problem, it appears in your other post that the problem doesn't occur with Outlook until after you install the Yahoo Sync software.  If so then you may want to consider either not using the Yahoo Sync software (which is really only useful if you are sharing info between users / computers, if it's just you using the Contacts, Calendar, etc then there isn't any reason to use that software) or contacting Yahoo for support.  I not aware of anyone in the Outlook group who claims to know much about that software.
MordidoAuthor Commented:
P.S.  I can't find at Microsoft Remote assistance for Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003, which includes Microsoft Office Outlook 2003.  Can anyone tell me why?  Also, can anyone tell me where Microsoft has hidden remote assistance for this product?
I am  not clear about your actual error message and the situation..

Which office version you have ?

Other than outlook 2003 , does other applications like Word , excel work fine ?

Go to control panel --> mail --> show profiles and create a new profile
login to outlook using that profile and see if you can go inside outlook to start with..

Also try opening outlook in safe mode start -> run -> outlook.exe /safe
and check what happens..

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MordidoAuthor Commented:
There's an error message I included in my post that might help.
Have you tried other suggestions in my previous post ?
MordidoAuthor Commented:
I was just reading above about you're not sure about some of the software or applications I've installed.  So I'm gonna offer this:  Just for thought.  First, I use Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003, which automatically installs Microsoft Office Outlook 2003.  Two things have happened that I wonder may be the reason Outlook isn't working right.  I use and it offers Intellisync for Yahoo:  to expalain:  I can post in my Outlook 2003 calendar, Task, Notepad, and To-do list, install Intellisyne for Yahoo, and whatever I put in anyone of those features on my computer, when I use Intellisync, to syncrhronizes Outlook 2003 with my Yahoo Calendar, Notepad, To-do, and Tasks.  I can go either way.  I can post on Yahoo's calendar, and click Intelli...and it'll synchr all on to Outlook, or vice-a-versa.  But Outlook worked well after I had installed that, but I can't be sure.  Then there's WinFax Professional which I got from a friend to try for fax software, and that messed with Intellisync for Yahoo, e.g. when I opened Intelli to chose applications, such as Outlook 2003, in application setup, once I finished, I was unable to close out by clicking the Exit button, therefore I was unable to "save" any application I had chosen.  When I finally deleted or removed Winfax Pro, reinstalled Intelli for Yahoo, and rebooted, the problem was gone.  But, between the two options above, though they're related, I don't know if it one or the other or a combination of the two that have affected Outlook 2003.  What puzzles me is not only have I done the Detect & Repair thing in Outlook 2003, I eventually did a complete destructive Revovery on my computer which reinstalls Windows XP, then reinstalled Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003, which houses Outool 2003, and I still have the problem.  Did the Detect and Repair things again.  Still have the problem.  Just that I did a complete destructive Recovery of XP, which is similar to reformating a computer, and then reinstalled all application, I shouldn't have this problem any longer.  Truly, I'm baffled.  The problem isn't in any other software application, e.g. Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003.  Nonetheless, I do have the problem and the must be a way to fix it.  
MordidoAuthor Commented:
P.S.  Only Outlook is affected.  All other software/applications, including Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003, the software that houses Outlook.
MordidoAuthor Commented:
P. S.  I tried your outlook.exe /safe procedure, and when finished, I received the error message mentioned above:  i.e. "Error Message:  Error in registry for extension 'Remote Exchange Extensions; C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033\EMSUI32.DLL'.  The syntax or format of the registry entry is incorrect.  Check the registry settings and compare the registry for this extension to other extensions in the registry," quote unquote.  Also, I had to click this Error Message four different times for it to finally disappear.  I don't know if the message remained because it was altered each click, therefore a new but similar message re-appeared needing to be acknowledged.  
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