Cisco DHCP, MAC Address, Username Tracking

How do we get Cisco to see the DHCP, MAC Address, and Username relationships for tracking purposes? Perhaps we can use PDM.
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I'm not sure what you are really asking, but assuming you are talking about PIX, the short answer - you can't.
There is no mechanism within the pix to associate a username with any internal system.
There is no mechanism within the pix to know whether an IP address is assigned by DHCP or not, unless the pix itself is the DHCP server - then it keeps a binding record of MAC address to IP address. Else, it only has an arp cache to maintain the MAC address to IP address.

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This isn't really firewall-related, but the Campus Manager module of CiscoWorks can do what you describe with a feature called User Tracking:

For this to work CiscoWorks needs to have access to all of the switches where your users might be plugged in, and to associate usernames with IPs you also have to install a small script on your domain controller (assuming you're using Windows...there are ways to do it in Novell and Unix also).
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