NTBackup: Not running if not logged on..

Hi, Folks.  I've a client machine that running SBS2003 (Windows 2003 server).  

I've got a scheduled backup job that runs from a scheduled task - using a service account.  

If I don't have anyone logged into the server (either at the physical console -- or via RDP) the backup does not run.

If I have a second account (not the service account) logged on when the backup starts, the job runs just fine.

I can't find anything in the logs, nor can I find anything to indicate why the job failed.  (Maybe there's something other than the eventviewer to look at..?)  

The eventviewer does show the service account being unable to "unload your classes registry file" - then correctly unloading it ~60 seconds later..  30 minutes after the scheduled job begins.

So, I think the backup job is sitting around - twiddling its thumbs, waiting for something to happen -- which dosen't happen, and it quits..  RSM?  

Thanks, Folks.
-- Scott.
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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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is the service account member of the local "backup operators" or "administrators" group?
I usually create an account called "backup" that I put into the backup operators group. I then use that account as the NTBackup authentication and have never had a problem.
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the detailed eventlog entry would be helpfull.
like this:
Event Type: Error
Event Source: Userenv
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1000
Windows cannot unload your registry class file. If you have a roaming profile, your settings are not replicated. Contact your administrator.
Access is denied
scdavisAuthor Commented:
Hey, guys.

Yes, both of the accounts in question are backup operators..  and administrators, and Exchange groups, and enterprise admins..

This isn't a security problem - I don't think.   That would report "no access to said files" or something similar.  

Thanks for the quick look - but please re-read what I posted.  The circumstances of having a user logged on has got to do something with the function that's failing..  

the detailed eventlog entry would still be helpfull.
scdavisAuthor Commented:
Okay, WeHe.

I'm absolutely convinced that this logged error is irrelevant - but here ya go.  

First Event, 10/23/2004: 9:41:49 PM  (job ran at 9:00pm - preceeded by about 10 mins of FTPing)

Source: Userenv
Type:  Warning
EventID: 1524
User:  Domain\Username

Windows cannot unload your classes registry file - it is still in use by other applications or services.  The file will be unloaded when it is not longer in use.

Followed by the Second Event, 10/23/2004: 9:42:19PM.  (30 seconds later)

Informational, Event ID 1516.

Windows unloaded user <blah>_classes registry when it received a notifications that no other applications or services where using the proflile.

It's just logoff stuff.  The FAILURE - occured 30 minutes BEFORE that.  It's irrelevant.

Please look at the 30 minute delay - and think about that, folks.

What on earth is NTBackup doing sitting there for 30 minutes doing nothing?  It's got to be waiting for the RSM, I think.  Why?!  That's what I want to know.

I could be wrong about this diagnostic approach -- but I don't think so.

Thanks again,
did you try to disable any virus scanner before starting ntbackup?
did you ever log into server with your service account and tried it manualy?
scdavisAuthor Commented:
No, I haven't attempted to disable my anti-virus scanner (Norton Corporate v9).  I won't do that.

If I run the job manually - I'm logged in, so it works just fine.

I'm really not going to accept that my anti-virus software is the problem.  Nor is turning it off for 2 hours viable - on a daily basis.

You're ignoring the 30 minute delay.  That can't possibly be related to Anti-Virus software.  

-- Scott.

what is logged into the backup.log file?
scdavisAuthor Commented:
Nothing.  Absolutely nothing in the backup(n).log file.

It's like the Backup program dosen't even start.  No "Starting Backup" stuff in the event log either.

The only thing I can think of that it's dependant on is the RSM.  

I'm going to switch it from Manual to Automatic startup - to ensure it's running..  before the NTBackup app calls for it..  and I think that just made one run work - but I'm not going to be comfortable with that until I re-test it.

Should be about an hour before I can try it..

- S.

does the sheduled job have a status after it runs?
scdavisAuthor Commented:
Looks to me like putting the RSM on "Automatic" and ensuring it's running before the backup job launches fixed my problem.  

I'll confirm that in 26 hours -- when the next scheduled run does its thing.

-- Scott.

scdavisAuthor Commented:
Looks like putting it on "automatic" dosen't matter.  When jobs finish, they shut the service down.

So, I started the RSM service (NTMSSVC) manually today - then logged all my sessions out of the server.

LO and behold -- the job ran.  

I've added a "net start NTMSSVC" to my backup job's batch file.  

Tomorrow, we'll see if that does the trick - automatically.  

If anyone can explain *WHY* this failure is happening, they can have the points -- otherwise, I guess this question and explaination will have to be killed off..  

Thanks, Everyone!

-- Scott.
scdavisAuthor Commented:
How do I close this -- since I solved my own problem..?

Anthony PerkinsCommented:
>>How do I close this -- since I solved my own problem..?<<
Here's how:
I answered my question myself.  What do I do?
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