How do we implement a Custom Windows Logon using GINA / Notification Packages

Require advice if it is possible to implement custom Windows Logon using
1. GINA /
2. Winlogon Notification Packages /
3. Custom Security Package Structures /
4. Anything-you-know-better.
The dll that will be replaced will first verify users voice and then allow further access. Our voice verfication is a normal VC++ program which requires regular dependencies.

The main task we wish to achieve is load and process Voice User Verfication just after logon (early stage) and then allow drivers and explorer.exe to load. Can experts let me know how we can accomplish this ? (similar to the smart card stuff already built in) > I have heard it is possible to replace the whole NT logon. ???
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you will need to make your voice recognition stuff into SERVICES and set them to run at startup, so they are available to WINLOGON.

It is possible, but any time you replace such a core component, you are bound to run into difficulties-  Like for example-  how do you intend to send the SAS  (Ctrl-ALT-Del) with voice-  some keyboardless logon strategies (ala touchpad) have some workarounds for ths....
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