\EXCHSRVR\Mailroot\vsi 1\Filter @ 150 Gb Can I delete this? Can I stop this?

Running Exchange 2003 SP1 on cluster.

NAI Group Sheild ver 6.0

In the \EXCHSRVR\Mailroot\vsi 1\ Folder my Badmail and my Filter folders are crazy with power, taking up about 200+ Gb thats Gbs of space.

I need to know if I can stop archiving of the filtered messages to either or both folders and how to dump the contents.

If I try to view the contents the system just churns and churns away

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Don't open the folder to delete the contents. Just delete the entire folder using shift-delete.
If it is still crunching then do it from a command prompt.
What you don't want it to do is go in to the recycle bin.

Badmail you can delete. Rename the badmail folder rather than delete the contents. Exchange will recreate it as required. Once you have rename the badmail folder, then delete the folder itself.
SP1 disabled the use of badmail so you unless that has been turned back on, those messages will be old.

As for the filter folder, that must be something from Group Shield? See if there is a mechanism built in to delete the files automatically. I have stuck to 5.2 due to the JAVA requirement (I cannot have Sun Java on any machine for a number of reasons) and haven't had this problem.

carrjoeAuthor Commented:
Ok, good on the rename not delete.

Problem then is if I try to access the contents of the folder to move, rename, delete, I am sitting watching the drives churn.

Is there a sneaky or back-door way to remove a folder without windows trying to access its contents?

carrjoeAuthor Commented:
Looks like going into DOS and running del from there did the trick, points are yours
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