ntoskrnl.exe error

In windows 2000 I get this error on boot up:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt.

<Windows 2000 root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
Please reinstall a copy of the above file.

I already tried the earlier solution, but am unable to correct the problem as I do not have the Emergency Recovery Disk; tried with the Recovery Console from the W2K CD /Floppys of my friend,
FIXBOOT and FIXMBR had no effect.

Tried to edit BOOT.INI from Dos Prompt but trying to change Attrib
-S -R -H gave the error 'invalid command' or some such thing.

Tried to copy NTOSKRNLMP.EX_ from the Floppy1 and rename as NTOSKRNL.EXE to C:\Winnt\system32 but that didnt help either.

I thought of copy the ntoskrnl.exe from my friend's computer onto
a pen-drive (he doesnt have a CD-writer), but am wondering how to copy it back/install it to my C-drive (by the way what is the location where this file has to be copied?) since from DOS Prompt only C and D-drives recognised (HD), doesnt recognise F: (CD-ROM) "Invalid Drive Spec" error or the removable pen-drive.

So I am badly stuck, any other option other than formatting my harddisk and making a complete new installation ? Any way that I can reinstall W2K without losing all my data ? Pls help !!!


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Hi Sunsum.
i have windows 2000 pro and i took a copy of my ntoskrnl.exe,i zipped the file and it got a size of 900KB.
So u need to unzip the file in dos mode...
i Found a program that could handle it:pkunzip:
( http://www.eurekais.com/brock/zipold/unzip.htm -only info)
it's no problem to put the two files on a floppy;i think that will be no problem for you to extract and copy the ntoskrnl.exe to C:\Winnt\system32...
But i'm not sure if you need a registy recovery too:
just enter you win 2k installation cd and hit the r-button at the installation prompt,for installation recovery.
for accessing pendrive under dos you can also read this article:
Good luck!
a repair installation might help you.
this proceedure is exactly the same for windows 2000

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this will remove and reinstall system files...all of your personal files and programs will (or should at least...lol) remain intact.

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it could be that your disk is bad, in which case you might still have problems....

to save your files, see if you can connect the hard disk to another computer and try to retrieve your files...try to do a disk check while you're at it....then give the repair installation a shot.
sunsumAuthor Commented:
Hi mwnnj/paul,

thanks for your prompt responses, will try it out and get back to you.
Re Paul's suggestion, tried repair with the Win2K-CD, no change. Like you say, maybe it is a bad-disk problem. If the copying of subj file doesnt work then will see if can xfer files to another computer works.

sunsumAuthor Commented:
I tried the solutions suggested, but the problem remains.
Trying to load my HDD as slave onto another machine didnt work, it simply wasn't recognised. So maybe my harddisk is bad. or the registry is affected as also the ERD and Registry Repair
didnt work.
Now trying to recover my files using Norton Ghost. Will let you know outcome.

Sunsum ,
sorry for the late posting from me;
it could be that you have bad sectors on your hdd...
It could be that ,(if you can!),you can make the hdd working with a low -level-format.
The only thing that disturbs is the point that your hdd wasn't recognized from the second machine too.
Please, could you post here theese features from the "bad" hdd:Make,Capacity,Firmware version.
Is the other pc ,(which was also used as testing machine for the "bad " hdd ),a new one ;it's silly but i wanted to know,if the MoBo from the second machine could handle big capacity hdds...
Even though,i'm waiting for your reply ,post it when you're ready!
sunsumAuthor Commented:
Hi mwnnj and paulAdavis

tks for all your assistance. Finally I did a reinstallation and managed to save most of my files, also did a back-up with Norton Ghost.
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