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I am looking for a good 400 Watts Power Supply. The good brands I know are ThermalTake, Enermax and Antec. Also Sparkle and Aopen are good ones as far as I know.

Unfotunately finding any is quite a hassle in my country, most of the retail stores sell the cheap ones (about 10 dollars) which I want to stay away from. The only option I found so far was buying the Aopen H600B casing which includes a 400Waat Aopen power supply. However I also found a 350 Watts from a brand called Discovery, never heard of it, but it is almost the same price as Enermax (about $82) and it is quite heavy, I couldn't find any info on its box, I did a web search in google but didn't find anything either.

Any ideas about that brand. If not how good is the the power supply that comes with the Aopen H600B casing.

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woodendudeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I too could not find anything on the Discovery, sure sign I'd say to stay away from it. I did however, find the Aopen 400 watt, selling for a price of 150-180, I could not find and reviews though, but if  price is any indication of quality and depending on what they want for that case, you may want to go with the Aopen.
It actually depends on your needs

But for all newer PC's all that matters is 12 volt

This is a excellent power supply
Sorry forgot the price

Seen around 50 to 60 $
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