Printer sharing problem


I have a home network and am trying to share the printer on my machine across the network. My machine is running XP pro and the rest are XP Home. The network is hooked through a Linksys WRK54G router. I have the printer shared and have given permissions to all.
Now when I reboot or someone shutsdown their PC, they lose access to the printer, so I have to remove it and then add it again logging on as the admin. What am I doing wrong?

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brownmetalsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Scott.

Just to make sure the printer is installed correctly, try these steps:

On your machine, do the following:
Control Panel > Printers & Faxes > delete the pritner
Resinstall on your computer

For the client machines, try this:
Delete the printer from each client.
Reinstall the printer using the following:
Control Panel > Printers & Faxes > Add Printer
Choose Network Printer > Browse > Find YOUR computer and click the plus sign. Select the name of the shared printer > Next
Click YES if asked to install a driver
Default: Select YES if you want the client to use this shared printer for all printing by default
Print Test Page > Finish

Try rebooting the client machine, while your PC is running, to see if the shared printer disappears.

The other suggestion I would offer is get a dedicated print server. Print servers are relatively inexpensive and widely available. Since you're already using a Linksys router, you might consider the print server links below. The advantage of a print server is that it is always on, and everyone that is setup can print to the printer attached to the print server without having to worry about your PC being powered on. The print server can be easily configured and administered from a web browser. A Print Server would also help eliminate trivial issues such as this one.

Wireless Print Servers

Wired Print Servers

I've used the PPSX1 10/100 1-Port Print server in the past. It's worked well for me. It's for a parallel printer connection. If you have a USB printer, then you'd want to consider the PPS1UW.

Hope this is helpful!
Good luck!
sebastian7268Author Commented:
Thanks for the response, I will try the first steps as I am looking to buy a printer with networking in a few days.
Sounds good! Glad the info was helpful.

Thanks for the answer/grade.

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