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updating a laptop with a data capable

I'm still trying to find a way to update an old laptop 486 4x100 W 3.11/Word 6 - with only a floppy drive, a 9 pin plug and a 25 holes printer plug.
I need to put it up to W 95 / MS Office 97
I only have W 95 and MS Office on CD ROM.
I have my old Iomega Zip cable.
I have a W98 computer I can use as source.

What sort of software do I need to install at each end?
Is it small enough to fit on a floppy?

Am I going about this in the right way?

Any help gratefully accepted


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Hi keithbraithwaite,

Do you have a network card and have access to a network where you can install office through that network


Also I guess there should be a  way by which you can get office 97 on floppy disks.. Have you already tried that

Couple of questions
What you meant by "software do I need to install at each end".. What ends are you talking about ?

keithbraithwaiteAuthor Commented:
I don't have a network card on the laptop.

By "each end" I mean the W 3.11 laptop at one end and a PC W98 at the other from which I could download files or maybe launch the installation of W95 or W98

I know there are programs that permit file transfer a bit like PC anywhere but I can't really afford a costly program just to do this.

I'll try to find a site where I can download the files to put on to floppies...

I threw all mine away a long time ago!!!

Thanks for getting back to me

you can takeout your HDD, connect it your PC, copy installation folders to it, then place it back, startup from floppy, and install Win from HDD.

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What you could do is copy the contents of the widows98 or 95 cd to the harddrive of the laptop when its plugged into your win98 pc and I suppose the office cd as well and then you can run setup from these folders instead of the cd. As installing windows from floppy is very tedious.  
keithbraithwaiteAuthor Commented:
I know I can do that though I haven't dared open the portable yet - in addition the screws are hard in there... I may pluck up the courage to do it. What about differences of voltage or connectors?

I was thinking more of a parallel port transfer but I don't know what kind of cable to use -  I had a vague memory that it had to have the wires crossed (!) differently...
And then there is the question of how to transfer the files - what program to use - free or not...
Cable is here.


Instructions here,

http://www.kime.net/directcc/dccras31.htm   Shows w95 instructions but will apply to w98

You will need to share your CDROM on the w98 PC and copy the win95 folder from the CD to the laptop.
keithbraithwaiteAuthor Commented:
That sounds like it - I'll look those over and let you know
Many thanks
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