VPN up now

Hello I have my vpn pix to pix up and running now. (i can ping the host anyway)

I am unable to \\\  to the ip adress to get access to the files ? Why is that ? mtu levels or something like that?
Can i enable this ?

How can i check the speed of the connection between the 2 pix´es ? How much is needed to run terminal services (not citrix) over the vpn link?

I have a pix to pix connection now is it possible to set up one of the pix 506 to accept connections
from home users using the cisco vpn client at the same time as the pix tp pix solution is up?

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That's progress, no?
You probably have a simple netbios name resolution issue at this point that is preventing you from connecting to drives.
Try creating a simple LMHOSTS file on your PC with the IP address, netbios name of the remote system that you are trying to connect to..

<ip address>  <tab>  PCNAME  <tab>  #PRE

save as a plain text file in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
Make sure it is "lmhosts" without the .txt extension

As for question #2, sure...
daxa78Author Commented:
Yes thats progress at least :-)

Connecting from the office 2048/256 adsl line to my apartment 728/128 adsl line does not work. //ipadress/ but pinging the host works. The other way it works great. Could the cause of the problem simply be that the line is too slow at the apartment?

Thanks so much for the information that you provided.

It could be that you have some type of firewall software running on the home PC??
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daxa78Author Commented:
åhh SP2 winxp ???
daxa78Author Commented:
the firewall is probably enabled.
Most likely, yes...
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