Admin client won't run

Hi All

I've downloaded the admin client and installed it on the server.  The box is a PIII 933 with 512 RAM.

When I try to run the client it gives me:

bookmarks file does not exist THEN

You cannot quit Notes because a dialog is active.


File does not exist events4.ntf

I also play with citrix on this box so the system drive is M: and data is N:

The server path is: M:\Lotus\Domino\server and the client path is:

M:\Program Files\lotus\notes

If I try to open a database it sees the directory but then quits with:

Cannot create window (insufficient memory)  I did choose to run domino as a service.  But when I look at task mgr memory seems ok.  Events4.ntf does exist under:
M:\Lotus\Domino\server\Data AND
M:\Program Files\lotus\notes\data

I assumed adminP would need to run and went: tell adminp start - made no diff

I can get into the web admin page.  Why is my admin client unhappy?  Much TIA
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Don't cross-cert.  Just use two different ID files.  Switch using File->Tools->Switch ID (R5) or File->Security->Switch ID (ND6).  Then you won't need to cross-certify.

If you absolutely want to cross-certify, you will need access to either the office's certifier ID file, or the server's ID file.  Don't bother trying unless you have that.
ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
It is not clear whether you really distinguish between Domino and Notes client installation on the same machine.
Basically has the Admin client to be installed in the Notes client directories and NOT in the Domino directories.
The machine can be the same, but the installation directories (both, program and data directory) has to be different from Domino directories.
Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
see your post in the lotus domino area....
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ausadminAuthor Commented:
Well I did install them in separate directories so I'm guessing it's a registry or overwritten dll problem.  If anyone can give me a link to a manual unistall doc that would be great.
ausadminAuthor Commented:
Hmm I've tried to move away from the messed up client installs.

I've imaged my work laptop, backed up the lotus regkey and tried to install the admin client in a different directory from the one that's already there.

Unfortunately when I run the install the option to change the install directory is greyed out.

So I thought let's use the one that's already there.  Added a new location doc and tried to open a database on the home server.  Says I need to cross certify my address book with that server.

There's a link on this site that shows how to cross-certify servers but not too sure about this.  Bear in mind that I haven't got an admin client yet so will have to do it in the webadmin.
Hi ausadmin,

You need the full admin client to cross-certify.

I don't know why yu have so many problems doing a basic admin client install.  The one on the server, I could understand, because it is easy to get the data directories confused between client and server.  Every other install should have been a piece of cake, as long as you had local Windows admin rights.

ausadminAuthor Commented:
Yeah that's the annoying thing the install does look real simple.  I think they must have locked down the work lappy.  Anyways how do I cross certify so I can use the work server and the home server with the admin client that's already on there.
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