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External Harddrive Failure - Power Adaptor

I have a SimpleTech SimpleDrive Hi-Speed USB External Hard Drive (Version 1.1).  
Product Name:  SimpleDrive
Model Number : 9000-40479-002
Power:  DC Adaptor 12V 1.5A

I hope I haven't caused it to crash - and thus lost all my data.
I plug in the product using the Power Supply and the USB Cable - my Windows XP computer starts to install, but then I get an error saying "there is a problem with the installation and the drive may not work correctly".  I don't see the drive in "My Computer".  

I've tried to use the drive on two different computers and get the same error on both.
The red power light comes on . . . but I don't hear the drive hum- as I used to be able to do.

 I think I accidently plugged in the wrong power adaptor this morning.  It was a 12 Volt Noika cell phone plug.  

        ???Would plugging in the wrong power adaptor cause the drive to crash???

Maybe I still have the wrong power adaptor - as I have several external hard drives and might have gotten mixed up.
The adaptor I'm using says:
switching adaptor
model sysq1298-1812-W2
Part No sys1298-1812L-C
Sure hope you can help me as i have a lot of important files on this external drive.

I've written to the manufacturer, but haven't heard back yet.

2 Solutions
have you tried plugging it with the right power supply?
Try putting it in a water proof bag and placing it in the freezer for 30mins to 1 hour. then try and access it. If this works make sure you get all of your data off of it and back it up somwhere else.
aprillougheedAuthor Commented:
Dear UnKind - I do think I have the correct power supply now.  But I'm waiting to hear from the Manufacturer to be sure.

Lamont77 - Are you serious?  Why would putting it in the freezer work?  What do you suspect if the problem?

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aprillougheedAuthor Commented:
Hey - I thought we could increase points?  This is critical problem for me and I need to attract experts.
Try to use the 'diskpart' utility within Windows and see whether you see the drive at all (though it is not presented in the 'My Computer' window, the system may recognise it):
1. Enter the command prompt ('Start' => 'Run...' => typ e'cmd' and press 'Enter').
2. Type 'diskpart' and press 'Enter'.
3. Type 'list disk' and press 'Enter'.

Do you see the drive?

Had a drive where it sounded like the drive motor was engaging but not getting anywhere, so I stuck it in the office freezer for an hour!  the drive was up long enough to get the data ghosted to another drive and we turfed it.

If the drive isnt spinning up, putting it in the freezer for about an hour will usually get the drive spinning again so you can copy needed files before the drive warms up again. the first thing you want to do is run a disk utility like Norton Disk doctor or wddiag (if its a western digital drive) to verify whether the drive is working mechanically or not. If it is a master boot record problem, sometimes running Fdisk/mbr will correct the problem. It could also be a virus, and a program like F-prot will look at the drive as a physical unit. As an A+ PC  technician I have seen this problem many times. Usually if the drive is not making a clicking sound I am successful in recovering the data.
aprillougheedAuthor Commented:
I just got off the phone with the Manufacturer.  They diagnosed that the drive or the case is bad and have offered to check it/fix it if I mail it in to them.  

I'll check back and let you know what they found as the problem.

Thanks, April
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