Installing Win98 on WinMe OS via PartitionMagic 8.0

I installed PartitionMagic 8.0 on my Dell running WinMe OS. I thought I did partition a part of the HD with enough space to install Win98. However when I tried to install Win98 I got a pop up window which says, that Win98 is a older OS than the one in the Dell and that the Setup portion on my Win98 CD would not be available.
1-am I stuck because I am trying to install Win98 via ParMagic on my Dell with WinMe?
2-is there a way of doing it, via ParMagic?
3-if it can be done, I would need some info. and I may have to come back and ask some
   questions on ParMagic. For I may have done the partition wrong.
4-reason I am trying to do this is I have some games that will only install to Win98 os.

Thank You, pupuli
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After you make the second partition, for installing Win98 into, the next thing you need to do is to have Partition Magic set that partition active (otherwise, the WinME partition will remain active, and when you boot into it, the CD detects that you have a newer operating system installed and won't let you install the older one.)  Then set your BIOS so that the first bootable device is your CD-ROM drive, boot into it, and let the CD go ahead and install Win98.  Normally, Partition Magic will set the partition containing that version of Windows that is NOT being booted to as "hidden".  So when you boot into WinME with BootMagic, the Win98 partition will be hidden, and when you boot into the Win98 partition the WinME partition will be hidden.  Each Windows version will think it is installed on drive C:.  If you have further problems or questions, give some feedback on it.  I've had quite a bit of experience with Partition Magic and BootMagic.  On my desktop pc, I multiboot among Win98, WinME, and WinXP, and I have set up two other partitions for installing programs into and storing my data.

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pupuliAuthor Commented:
Thank You, Lee Tutor, I am glad you answered my question cause you sure did help me in the past. I am still trying to learn and do things myself and just got to be another year older, 74 years old now. You might tell me how I can address any questions to you when I need to on Partition Magic.
Thanks again, pupuli
Hi, pupuli, I meant give some feedback in the E-E questions you ask.  I will receive notifications of your new comment in the question (as will any other experts that tried to help you by giving comments), and then we can continue to try and solve your problem.
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