PowerPoint Viewer Mesages

I created a self running PP presentation using the basic CD Packaging in PP 2003 ...

Works great bu if the user clicks on a link going to an URL or open a pdf ppviewer message pops up giving an ugly message
about viruses, etc ... and scares the user ...

Can these be disabled ?

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Can you give us the error message to see if we can understand the actual issue ?

If you think that could be virus related , have you scanned your system thoroughly for virus and spywares ?

Does the same message appear if you go to any website or click any link from a website ?

What browser are you using and can you use a different browser to check what happens clicking on that link ?

What acrobat reader version are you using ?


Try to send that PP presentation to a different machine and check if the URL would work. That would say if the presentation has been constructed properly or not.
AEIIAuthor Commented:
The message is the warning message

Power Point Viewer
Opening "http://www ................"
Some hyperlinks may contain viruses or otherwise be harmful to your computer. It is important to be certain the hyperlink is from a trustworthy source.
Do you want to open this hyperlink ?

Same message about a file when opening any file hyperlink ....

There is no virus ...

I have usd this CD on multiple computers ... same warning ...

It only happens with Power Point Viewer ... if I open the file with Power Point it does not give the message.

Hence my question ... are there switches to powerpoint viewer that can be added to turn this garbage off ?
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Does it happen in your machine which has SP2 (windows xp)

AEIIAuthor Commented:
Yes and my laptop too ... but I think it has to do with PowerPoint Viewer since the standard powerpooint does no have these messages
when runing the file only with powerpoint viewer ...

I am hoping there are some secret switches that can be added to PowerPointViewer.exe /s /t / etc ????

Check this link out to see if it will help.

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AEIIAuthor Commented:
The accepted answer provided the program that can disable the powerpoint viewer differences ...

I did not use the program however ... It began a journey in which I eventually bought Articulate a pretty expensive
program that takes Power Point Files will narrative and links and automatically converts them to Flash presentations ...

This fix the above problems, but more importantly does not allow the person to download the PP File from the web
and since it was 65megs with narratives it reduces the file size down under 4meg and no loss in audio quality ...

Great program I think ... now I just need to see if it can handle video ...

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