query about route command output on localhost

I want to know whenever i give a command a "cat /proc/net/route" on any localhost single machine or linux box in LAN, Every  computer return command result with First row as output
Iface      Destination      Gateway       Flags      RefCnt      Use      Metric      Mask            MTU      Window      IRTT                                                      
eth0      0000FEA9      00000000      0001      0      0      0      0000FFFF      0      0      0                                                                              
eth0      0000000A      00000000      0001      0      0      0      000000FF      0      0      0                                                                              
lo      0000007F      00000000      0001      0      0      0      000000FF      0      0      0                                                                                
eth0      00000000      6600000A      0003      0      0      0      00000000      0      0      0                                                                              

why this entry 1 is needed? when it is used? I am using RH9 with default kernel 2.4.20-8
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   Those three entries with eth0 have different destination. So it depends on your network infrastructure.
However, 00-00-FE-A9 transferred to IP address should be (from right to left), which I don't think it is needed.
You can remove it by typing "route del -net netmask". This IP address is default for DHCP client when the client cannot connect the DHCP server.
By the way, please use "route -n" or "netstat -rn" to display more readable routing table. Actually, those two commands
are reading /proc/net/route and translate into more readable output. Then you will know which one is need and which one are wrong.


panemadeAuthor Commented:
hello wesly
       but there is no dhcpd on my system. I just did server RH9 installation with no dhcpd as i want to assign it static IP .
Well, this is not dhcpd. It is dhcp client.
Sometiimes, you didn't assign static IP address during the installation and you didn't have DHCP server on the network,
then your Linux box will get 169.254.X.X by default. After you assigned a static address, this IP address doesn't go away.


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