Access prohibited through ISP using Internet Explorer 6

When trying to load any web page from IE 6, I get an error message from my ISP (in Portuguese; I'm in Mozambique) saying the page could not be retrieved, reason:  access prohibited.

When my wife logs on to her side of our Windows XP, she can open it and use it fine.  The problem happened after I returned from the US, having used Netzero during the summer.  IE has not worked since for my regular ISP here.  Don't know what settings it may have changed.

I can also use the built-in IE when using AOL here through a TCP/IP connection.  In general, I've been using Opera for a browser, but would prefer the availability of IE.

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Hi thatolkevin,
That's odd, you could trying going to Internet Options>Security and changing to "medium" level and going to Advanced and click "Restore defaults," then restart to see if that fixes the issue. You say on the same computer your wife can use IE fine? Well try that.

thatolkevinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments so far, but the problem persists so I'm upping the points.

I'm even having trouble downloading things from Windows.  It appears to try to go through IE rather than Opera to download updates.

Curiouser and curiouser...

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did yu check the link above?
thatolkevinAuthor Commented:

Sorry for the delay.  Just returned from Malawi.

Yes, I tried the link and downloaded a short executable file which, I assume, tried to use the mechanism of IE to download the service pack.  Once I got the short file, I kept getting error messages when it tried to find the service pack on the web, presumably because access was denied through IE.

Time to up the points again.

Ok. So we have a big problem!
>>>"I'm even having trouble downloading things from Windows.  It appears to try to go through IE rather than Opera to ...."
Windows update works only through IE!
I'd like to suggest a few things:-
1. Download all these tools from your wife's account and install them. then run them from your account.
Hijack This
Save the log file and upload it here to analyse []
FiX  all that it reports as nasty.
Spybot S&D
[Refer to for more help]
2. Run a full system virus scan in safe mode, after you disable system restore [sys restore files are not scanned by anti-virus programs, specifically Norton]. If you are not having an antivirus program, you can download one for free from [avg antivirus] or [avast antivirus].

Try using the IE now.

If it still does not work, try creating a new account on the machine and use IE from there. If it works, you can shift your files there and delete your old account.

Let me know if you are using and spyware removal tools , antivirus programs, firewalls, etc.

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Sorry, missed one thing, you can also try to do a winsock repair:

by the way, can you ping your isp from your account?
Start>Run>cmd , hit enter
type, ping where is your isp

Good Luck!
thatolkevinAuthor Commented:
Downloading the service pack through my wife's side did the trick.  Thanks!

Great! Thanks for the grade ;-)
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