Client/Server Programming: Default argument for unknown service name?

I am writing a client server program that doesn't have a specific service name...
I am really only familiar with the "echo" and "time" service.  What should I have as
a default argument for the service if this is something I'm making myself?

void main(int argc, char *argv[])
      char      *service = argv[1];  //port number??????      
      char      *host ="localhost";  //IP address
      //arguments are entered in on the command line
      WSADATA      wsadata; //Creating a WSADATA object called wsadata
      switch (argc)
      case 1:      break;
            case 2: service = argv[1];
            case 3: service = argv[1];
                        host = argv[2];
            default: errexit("usage: TCPmusic[port]\n");

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murugesandinsC C++ Shell script AIX CYGWIN_NT HP-UX Linux MINGW SunOSCommented:
The service mentioned here is not the port number. A port number represent an endpoint or a channel for network communications. Services are programs that provides you the services.

For example
ftp,telnet,smtp,nntp,ntp,finger are services... and these services are mapped to the port numbers. In *ix OS you will find these services and port numbers in
/etc/services file.

bjw5d6Author Commented:
Yes, I know this but isn't the service name needed to get the port number... for
example the part of my program...
      // Map service name to port number
      if(pse=getservbyname(service, transport))
            sin.sin_port= pse->s_port;
needs a service name and a transport (the transport is 'tcp')... I can't just use
sin.sin_port=pse->s_port; to get a default port number... or can I?
murugesandinsC C++ Shell script AIX CYGWIN_NT HP-UX Linux MINGW SunOSCommented:
(pse=getservbyname(service, transport))
the function getservbyname returns a servent structure for the line from /etc/services that matches  the  service name using protocol 'transport'. If you are not able to get the port number check ur /etc/services file that you have proper settings for getting the port number for the particular service.

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bjw5d6Author Commented:
Since I made up my own service I had to enter in a made up port number.  I just
used port number 40947.  Thanks for your help anyway!  I appreciate it.
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