Is the file being written this moment?

Is there anyway of knowing that a particular file is being written this moment OR  is opened by some application with "write" previliges.
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engineer007Author Commented:

  I have two applications working on the same file. One application will write stuff on the file while the other one will copy the file to a different location and delete it from the original one. I executed a "file copy" procedure and was surprised to know that files can be copied to a different location at the same time they are being written. The result is "a corrupt file" at the copy location. So is there any way around u guys??
Hi engineer007,
Sure, the "file" object has two methods which return boolean: canRead() and canWrite(). You should be able to use this for your application.

engineer007Author Commented:
Well no matter whether the file is being written orn't , canRead() and canWrite() both always return true. They aint seem to be doing my thing!!
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There is 2 solutions to this problem:
1) lock the file from the application that writes; have the other application(s) wait for the lock to be gone,
2) trigger possible readers from the writer: there are numerous ways to do that.

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Calling the constructor of either FileWriter or FileOutputStream with the File/filename as an argument
will throw an exception if the file is already opened for write by another process.

Check out the Constructors for FileWriter or FileOutputStream.

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