Unable to delete zero byte files

Downlaoded 4 sound files from email (aol) and as well as the 4 wav files, another 4 appeared. All have odd names such as CAZ6037X. but no extension - all zero bytes. When I click on them, notepad opens and I get a dialog box "Cannot find file. Do you want to creat a new one"  Doesn't matter what I click, notepad stays open. When I try to delete, I get an error - Cannot delete file - cannot read from source or disk.
I've tried attrib command  but also get error saying cannot find files. Searched usenets and followed a couple of other things - so many I have forgotten the specifics.
This has baffled a few of us in the office.
Thanks in advance
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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this utility and check

Try starting windows in safe mode and then delete the files
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Following the way as sajuks said to safe mode. If still can't delete. Go to start, run
type cmd. change to the directory where the files located then type del filename.*
Good luck
I agree with jjaassoonnfung although * might delete everything in the folder so if you want the other files try this.  Move all the files you DO want to a temporary folder somewhere else.  Then delete the folder that has the crazy files.  Now remake that folder and replace the files from the temporary folder.  Wala .. all gone.
this trick also works, it worked for me, highlight all the files you want to delete, now right click on them and then click on cut.
Now open the recycle bin and then right click and paste, now empy the bin.

can you rename the file first?? check that it is notbeing used by any other programs for example if you tried to play it is it still regestred in that program.
Here's how you can delete an "undeletable" file. Follow these steps:
1.      Close all open programs.
2.      Open a command prompt.
3.      Right-click the taskbar, and select Task Manager.
4.      On the Processes tab, select Explorer.exe, and click the End Process button.
5.      Minimize Task Manager, but don't close it.
6.      At the command prompt, use the Delete command to remove the file, and close the command prompt.
7.      In Task Manager, go to File | New Task (Run).
8.      In the Create New Task dialog box, enter Explorer.exe, and click OK.
9.      Close Task Manager.

davidwatlAuthor Commented:
I had tried all dos delete commands etc as described above. The purge utility did the trick - thanks. I think these were temp internet files stored on the desktop.
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