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Sort of overlay effect.....

I want to display some Text on a Map. One obvious way is to use a Label control and then make it visible at the time I need it...... But I want it to be semi-transparent i.e the overlay effect......How can this be done?
The Map is displayed on MapObjects control......It has a hDC......So can I use some blitting technique to blit text on the map semi-transparently?
A code snippet will be appreciated......

1 Solution
Another way - using AlphaBlend API from msimg32.dll. See my sample at http://freevbcode.com/ShowCode.Asp?ID=1501

ryancys, hello from China! :) Malaysia is much more close from here than from Russia :)
You will be unable to use a label control (with transparent background) for this purpose.  The label
sits on a different graphical layer than other controls.
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imarshadAuthor Commented:
Sorry about the delay.....Since it was the holy month of Ramazan for the Muslims so I couldnot spend much time on Internet so thats why this Question is still open.....

imarshadAuthor Commented:
As far as the Question is concerned the closest that I have been is by using this code


I changed the Border Style of the Form to None and inserted a Label on the form and I simply show/hide my form with text at a position......This looks great with one deficiency....The Label's Text is also faded out.....Can some of you help me to get out of this drawback so that the Text on the Form's label donot fade out with the Form????? Or suggest some better way....

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