Window.ShowDialog with tree menu

Have anyone done a Dialog popup with a tree menu like this one?

The tree menu works fine with a regular popup but when the popup is dialog type then it doesn't work.
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I have done something similar in a 'simulated' popup - using a div.

If with popup dialog type you mean alert(), confirm() or prompt(), then this tree is not going work there.
ur question is not clear? do you want to send a alert / popup message onclick on menu option??? if yes pl send me ur javascript i will send it to you after changing it otherwise send me menu option


ashu krisna
i think he wants to open a modal dialog ( window.showModalDialog( ) ) and open the tree view
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awu25Author Commented:
The popup tree menu dialog contains checkboxes and after user select the checkboxes the popup should send the checked values back to the original parent page.
please post code, so we can give it a shot.
You can't communicate between windows when one of them is a Dialog. I'm sorry, but you will need to make that window a regular one, with I assume you need a Dialog because of their hability of being over any other nagivator window, am I right? Well, that's exactly why you can't communicate between windows, because when the Dialog is open, the other windows are blocked.

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awu25Author Commented:
jlisenberg, or anyone else, if I can't use dialog do you have any suggestion for me?

sigmacon, I downloaded a treeview javascript from here and here is my code.
Page 1(Parent page):
<form name="test" method="post" action="">
<a href=javascript:window.showModalDialog("test.asp")>List check boxes</a>

Page2(Dialog page):


   BODY {background-color: white}
   TD {font-size: 10pt;
       font-family: verdana,helvetica;
         text-decoration: none;
   A  {text-decoration: none;
       color: black}
<script src="ua.js"></script>
<script src="ftiens4.js"></script>
<script src="demoCheckboxNodes.js"></script>

// This function depends on the actual prependHTML strings used in the
// configuration file (dmeoChackboxNodes.js). If you change that, you will
// have to change this
function generateQueryString() {
      var retStr
      //getElById is defined in ftiens4.js and help with cross-browser compatibility
      retStr = "BOX1=" + getElById('BOX1').checked
      retStr = retStr + "&BOX2=" + getElById('BOX2').checked
      retStr = retStr + "&BOX3=" + getElById('BOX3').checked
      retStr = retStr + "&RD1=" + getElById('RD1').checked
      retStr = retStr + "&RD2=" + getElById('RD2').checked
      retStr = retStr + "&RD3=" + getElById('RD3').checked

      return retStr;
// If you are not using a frameset layout, this function will have to
// change from reloading the right frame to reloading the self window
function submitTreeForm() {
      //"demoCheckboxRightFrame.html?" + generateQueryString(), "basefrm")

<title>Checkbox Tree JavasScript</title>
<body topmargin=16 marginheight=16>

<!-- Corporate users or any others that want to remove the next link should check
       the online FAQ for instructions on how to obtain a version without the link -->
<!-- Removing this link will make the script stop from working -->
<div style="position:absolute; top:0; left:0; ">
<table border=0>
      <font size=-2><a style="font-size:7pt;text-decoration:none;color:silver" href="" target=_blank>Javascript Tree Menu</a></font>
<form name=ft method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="tVal">
A tree for site navigation will open here if you enable JavaScript in your browser.
<CENTER><input type=button onClick="submitTreeForm()" value="Get Values"></CENTER>
Why can't you do the same but with a normal pop-up, like'test.asp'):

<form name="test" method="post" action="">
<a"test.asp", "Test", "width=500, height=500, top=50,left=50")>List check boxes</a>

If you also need the parent page get blocked while the tree-window is open, you must work with events
I want to concur with everybody who recommended NOT using showModalDialog and give one more reason for it:

windows.showModalDialog is ONLY implemented by IE 5.5. and 6

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