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When I did a port scanning to the solaris machine, i found the following ports are opened.

20/tcp    open  ftp-data
21/tcp    open  ftp
22/tcp    open  ssh
53/tcp    open  domain
80/tcp    open  http
110/tcp   open  pop-3
143/tcp   open  imap
443/tcp   open  https
1521/tcp  open  oracle
1863/tcp  open  unknown
5050/tcp  open  mmcc
5190/tcp  open  aol
8080/tcp  open  http-proxy
10000/tcp open  snet-sensor-mgmt

I would like how can i stop the pop-3, imap, and the services that using 1863, 5050, 5190, 10000?
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tfewsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
pop-3 and imap will be defined in /etc/inetd/services (with references in /etc/inetd/inetd.conf);

Those other services may exist in the services file, or they might be a server program a user is running; You can trace the process with `lsof` (Get it from

Or you could use a firewall to block those ports

If you amend inetd.conf or the services file, you then need to force inetd to re-read the config file with
`kill -SIGHUP <PID of inetd>
for example to stop snmp
firsly you have to stop this services from its startup script or far by kill:
/etc/rc3.d/S76snmpdx stop
 then dissable the intended run level script: turn the first letter of the script name to small letter
mv /etc/rc3.d/S76snmpdx /etc/rc3.d/s76snmpdx
this example may help

   Or simply comment out those service in /etc/inet/services.

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