Creating a Fallback position for an SBS 2003 installation.

We are a small company (of 10 people):
At the moment we are running SBS 4.5a, we use the Exchange 5.5 & SQL Server 7.0 products quite extensively. We also use (at the moment) Veritas SBS Backup. We will need to purchase the Premium Edition of SBS 2003.

Now I appreciate that this question is to some extent already being discussed. However what I would like to do is confine the discussion to fall back/failover.

At the moment we currently have 2 pieces of identical hardware (DELL Power Edge 1300's) so I can without too much hassle flip-flop between the 2 units, this means that given a serious outtage on one unit I can within (about) 2 hours have the main service up and running again.

Now given that SBS2003 having the same licensing issues as WinXP being effectivly keyed to the hardware, my former scenario is less viable.

So assuming that I have 2 sets of identical Server hardware, and I have a daily backup of the entire facility (or around 12GB fyi) on DDS4 (probably going to change this to AIT2/3), and 1 Server unit suffers terminal failure what would be the quickest or best way to get our service up and running again? To make things simple I am assuming that for the interim downtime period there will be no access to Server resources.

I would ideally like to avoid using multiple versions of Windows (eg Windows Server 2003), partly from the issue of cost, and also from the view point of complexity. I am not against running a (Single user) version of Windows (say W2K or WinXP) on the Server to act as Restore Organiser/Manager.

Thank you in advance.
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So based on this I am thinking you will live to fight another day if the server is down for 3 to 4 hours?

If so the best way is what you are doing...

Use Veritas backup exec 9.1 for SBS.  that includes the Intelagent recovery option.

Now just make sure your tape drive and scsi card are compatable with IDR.

If so run the IDR wizzard and creat a new back up.  At that point you will be able to boot a crashed server from tape and do a complete restore from scratch.  

In addtion if the other server is in a less critical role you can steal parts to fix the primary server.

Read this for more information,

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