IIS6 and App Mappings

I am trying to map ALL calls to the webserver to aspnet_isapi.dll.

What I am trying to do is URL Rewriting. I want to map "http://www.sitename.com/en-UK/Student" to "http://www.sitename.com/?Lang=en-UK&Ent=Student" for all URL's processed. I can get it working fine for "http://www.sitename.com/en-UK/Student/default.aspx" but not for a folder or structure that does not contain ".aspx"

IIS6 on windows 2003 pertains to allow you to use:

Excert from help
Type the file name extension associated with your application (or type the asterisk as a wildcard character).

But if you put * or *.* or .* into the Extention box you get the message "Wrong Extention format".

How do you map ALL requests through the ASP.NET ISAPI extension?
How do you get an asp.net application to handle all requests?
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sigmaconConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I just had the same problem, and there is a very fine solution for that:


Install the Lite version if you only have one site. In the global httpd.ini, put something like (or a modification thereof - the the forum on the vendor website is very helpful):

RewriteRule (.*)(\?[^/]*)?/([^/]*)/([^/]*)(.*) default.aspx(?2$2&:\?)$3=$4$5 [N,I]

That will translate all directory access to the default.aspx

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