display adapter that can out put bot video and monitor at the same time

Look for display adapter that that can provide  both video and monitor at the same time and give good picture both tv and Monitor ,
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Look for video card with TV-out. There are some things:
* you can't use DVI and TV-out at the same time (at least with nVidia cards)
* TV resolution is lower than monitor's - you will not be able to get the same quality in both displays.

Everything else depends on how much do you intend to spent for video card.
Hi teera,
ATI All in Wonder 9600XT:


Great stuff!

ATi all-in-wonder or similar but usually only shows on tv after changing the properties of the video controller in windoes
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Most recent AGP cards feature a DVI output, a S-VIDEO output (you can connect this to S-Video in on tv, or get a S-Video to Scart connector) and a standard 15pin D VGA connector.

In short:

If you buy a recent AGP / PCI-X vga card, you're going to have trouble finding one that -doesn't- have more than 1 output.
"Good picture" is also quite dependant of user - do you mean you want to view web sites clearly, do you want to play games, create 3D images, view DVD movies... ?
Images are never going to be crisp on a TV (crt), if you use / want to buy a digital TV, look for one with a DVI connector. This will give you excellent PC images.

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teeraAuthor Commented:
I use Raedion 7200 when see both monitor and tv The picture of monitor not full the monitor and therefresh rate on my monitor is very slow so i look for new card
I don't get it - what do you mean?

The picture of monitor not full the monitor? Does the picture fall of your monitor, or are spaces left away? Isn't is possible that you have chosen to span your desktop across the 2 screens, in stead of duplicating the image, or only throughputting a movie eg. ?

Can't you speed up the refresh rate on your monitor through the settings?

Maybe you just need a driver update...

What I'd recommend as new vid card (been using it for quite some time): NVidia GeForce FX 5200 - 256MB Ram. You should be able to find this for about $40 - $60. Quite good 3D performance, fast, good dual display.

Get one from MSI and you get a remote with it too - zap to another movie from your lazy seat.
To add to previous comment, I have an NVidia card (A GeForce 4 Ti 4200, I think the manufacturer is AOpen) that will use all three, the VGA, DVI and S-Vid outputs simultaneously.  As far as "good picture" on the TV out, you're only going to get anywhere near monitor quality if you're using a progressive scan HDTV.  Anything else is going to be interlaced, which is going to make your text look jumbled, even on a big screen.  And the higher the resolution you set it to, the nastier it's going to get since it has to skip lines to display it on the screen.  My card, and many others, are capable of specifying different resolutions for each display.  For example, I can set my DVI output to my LCD monitor at 1280x1024 while the TV out is at 800x600 or 1024x768.  That will not work with cloning though (where the monitor and TV have same image).  For cloning, both displays need to be at same resolution and color depth, and the monitor picture will still be superior to that on the TV because the monitor will be non-interlaced and the TV will be interlaced.  It takes a VERY expensive progressive scan TV to get a picture that will approach monitor quality, and even with a progressive scan HDTV, you're going to max out the non-interlaced resolution well under that of your monitor unless you're talking about a 1080p or better HDTV, which wil currently run you in the $5,000 - $10,000 range US dollars where I live.
Install lastest drivers from ati and activate Theater Mode from the Overlay tab of the video card settings. There you can choose full screen on both display or other options (I use Full screen only on the tv). Don't use "Extend my desktop onto this monitor" option. From the display tab of the video board select the tv as secondary adapter.
AOpen, GF FX5200: can use S-Video with VGA, but not DVI output.
Probably it also depends what GPU was used.
Dunno about that, I don't use a flatscreen. Didn't buy a 19" Flatron to put it unused in a corner ;)
teeraAuthor Commented:
Thank you for yours suggestions
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