Printing an email, the first character is missed from each line


I have a customer who has told me that when she prints from Outlook 2003, the first character from each line is missing.  The headers are all fine, just the body of the message is affected.

Outlook 2003
Windows XP Sp1a
HP Laserjet 4050 PCl5e, from a print server over IP
printer settings are all correct, and it only affects this one user

Thanks in advance for the assistance, and apologies if I've overlooked something and made myself look a fool :o)


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jimmyndvdrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi UNS-Tech,

I have seen this a lot this is due to the format in which the email is sent - it often occurs on a html email - if you later the page margins (increase) on the email you are having a problem with I think it will print fine

Good Luck

UNS-TechAuthor Commented:

many thanks, it seems i got my cm and mm a tad mixed up, I hang my head in shame

many thanks

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