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Running windows media player 9.0. Installed 10 and removed it because it did not work with XP. Running XP with service pack 1 installed.
Everything works except radio.  Can't get a radio station I could get with windows 2000 after XP was installed.

Error message is just 'error please try to connect again' from the radio media site.
Works fine for movie soundtracks that are on the Internet so I don't think it's a proxy issue or I would not be able to dowload the sound track and hear it in windows media player.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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crissandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Disable ICF or open the necessary ports for radio stream.
Microsoft Media Server, with TCP-based transport (MMST) TCP port 1755
Microsoft Media Server, with UDP-based transport (MMSU) UDP port 1755 and TCP port 1755
RTSPT TCP port 554
RTSPU UDP port 5005, UDP port 5004, and TCP port 554
Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP) TCP port 80
Hypertext Transport Secure Protocol (HTTPS) TCP port 443
a182612Author Commented:
I disabled the ICF on the properties of the network connection.

In windows media player there tools-options-network the selections are

the only item let's you specify a port number is UDP and that makes you put in a range.
All of these are selected with a range of 554-5005 for the UDP ports to receive data.

None of this worked.  Am I doing this right? Thanks.
Are you connecting thru a provider's proxy or a company proxy? In the network I administer all these ports are closed in the proxy software, to reduce network traffic, and only the administrator of the proxy server can change that.
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