Tomcat is very slow

I've deployed a webapplication using Tomcat 4.0.1 on Solaris. All was fine. Then I've targizipped all the tomcat package and then I moved it on a new (more powerful) server. On this new servr Tomcat's starts fine, but it's very slow on showing pages (each page is showed in 20-30 seconds, even if yet compiled) and after several hours (even of inactivity) the java process eat up 99% of my CPU. I'm using the jdk 1.3.1_12 (the latest 1.3 jdk).

What's the problem? And why it works fine on the first server and not on the second? I missed some configuration while moving?
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petmagdyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
put a static jsp and see if it is slow too if it is slow u need to refer to a Solaris administration at ur organization ur post this case to:

but if the static Jsp is fast, their must be connection problem to the mailserver or LDAP maby a networking problem , u can test from any LDAP brower on this server to test the communication to the LDAP server
the best schema is to start isolating the cause of perforamce bottle neck as following:

1- Are all JSPs slow? if the ones that contains no Database operations? if a JSP that contains no Database logic but still slow then their is a problem in the Server enviroment, either the OS kernel has a problem or their is a JVM problem or tomcat need to be reinstalled
2- If only the pages with database operations has problem then their is either a database problem or Tomcat <--> database connectivity problem
bugadaAuthor Commented:
Well, all the jsp are very slow, all between 25 and 30 seconds... The backend resources (mailserver, ldap) are the same used by the first (fast) tomcat, and the net paths are configured correctly. So the bottleneck is represented by tomcat itself...

And, last but not least, everytime i open an already compiled page the java process goes up to 75-80% of cpu usage... then it returns to normal levels (about 1%) in one minute...
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