Images get heavily distorted when I FTP *.gif files from Windows to Sun Solaris

We are migrating our application server from Window to Sun Solaris.  Whenever I FTP my image files for the website across, they get distorted.   It looks as if the image was squeezed vertically.  Has anyone ever encountered this?
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PryachConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure when you upload the images, you're transfering them via binary, not ASCII.

Transfering via ASCII will cause your images to become distorted.  Most FTP programs come with an ASCII, Binary, and Auto option.  You should make sure Auto is selected.
FTP'ing the file shouldn't alter the image in any way ... is the HTML of the website declaring the height or width of any of the images?
ZeeshanSyedJCAuthor Commented:
It is actually distorting them because I also FTP them back to the Windos environment and get the same distorted appearance as the Sun box was displaying.   Here is the sequence of events I repeated.

1. View *.gif images on windows - everything looks perfect
2. FTP to Solaris and view them from web browser - Imaged is distorted at this point
3. FTP from Solaris back to windows and view *.gif file - look exactly as it did from Solaris.
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Really ...  that's crazy ... binary transfers and not ASCI? Is the file size changing at all?
What FTP program are you using?
even though its unlikely,  I think its probably happening,

I suggest you zip your files or gzip them before sending.  that should protect the file headers.  see what happens.

also the mozilla web browser can automatically unzip gzip files and show you their contents.

so try zipping or stuffing them.
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