Initiating an embedded wav file with a button icon in Outlook Express

I'd like to prepare an email in Outlook Express which contains an inserted wav file that will play only when the reader presses a button on the face of the email. How would I do that? Thanks.
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The simple answer is - Compose an HTML mail with an <EMBED> or <OBJECT> tag in it.

If you are looking for a longer answer, here it is.

Outlook Express allows you to compose HTML emails. It also allows you to edit the source of the message as you please. See the source of any webpage that has an embedded sound. You can find 1000s of such sites. They are very common. Visit any eGreeting site for instance.

Just take the relvent code from their page and paste it in your email source. Bingo, you got it.

But that may have still been far from your expectation.

You probably need a Wave file that will play ONLY when a button is pressed. RIght? Well, for that you need to SCRIPT your email and thats a BAD THING to do. Most mail clients will simply ignore the script part and your mail lose its meaning.

My advice is, use Media Player. That's how people do it. It will present the users with a standard interface and will let them play it on their own accord. By tweaking the source (play with the AutoPlay parameter of the EMBED tag) you can get the audio to start automatically, or wait for the user to hit a button.

Start by COPYing some HTML code from a eGreeting site and PASTE it in the source of your email.

SEvansAuthor Commented:
RanjeetRain: Thanks for yout reply. I think I understand the gist of your instructions and I'll look into it to see if I can make it work.

In the past, I've been able to tweak some of the html behind a message to suit my purposes, so I think I can probably handle what you're suggesting.

A problem that the Media Player approach won't accomodate, at least as far as I know, is the cross-platform snag. That will work for my friends with Windows, but what about Macs. I have two; friends with Macs, that is, not just two friends!

I'll give it a try and get back after I see what happens. An idea that crossed my mind, which might or might not work, would be to create something in FrontPage and save it as a Stationery item, then use it as a template for the email message.
SEvansAuthor Commented:
P.S. As far as using Media Player, I guess I'm not sure how one "uses" Media Player that way.
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Please copy-paste the source of a web page conatining a media player instance, such as the preview page from a greeting site. I will help you customize the code.

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SEvansAuthor Commented:
Thank you.

Yesterday I dusted off an old copy of an email-based greeting card app called Email Magic. I abandoned it years ago because the things I tried to do with it were too elaborate. I recognized then that what I should do is buy/learn Flash, but it was too pricey then, and too pricey now.

I was able to create a semblance of what I wanted to do with Email Magic. But it does not present to the reader on the face of the email, it doesn't work with Macs, and it has to be ZIP’d to disguise the fact that it's an executable file, so it doesn't get sent down the anti-viral chute, or worse.

I will play with the ideas you have presented, but conclude this session now, If I've got further questions, I'll return later.

So, if I interpret the Sanskrit correctly, may I say it has been a charm and a delight to speak with you, Ranjeet.
You read it correctly. How do you want your points, buddy :)
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