Creating Skpswi.dat file

I am new to the SMS server and want to create a Skpswi.dat file so that my software scan will skip some of my larger servers.  I have to do this in the next day so this is an emergency.

I read about using the dat file on Microsoft support (so please dont refer me to the knowledge base), but no one says exactely how to make the Skpswi.dat and how to put it into the root of the drive.

Can anyone who has done this walk me step by step through the process?

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corneliupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SMS will decide not to scan a folder (or its subfolders) if there's a file called SKPSWI.DAT in it, or one of its parent folders.  The information contained in the file isn't important - in fact, the examples I've seen say that a 0-byte file is just fine.

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