Custom Save Actions (JPEG)

Hello there,
I am having a hard time with a job I have now, there are about 2200 jpegs that I need to insert a logo into, that is not a problem, because I have made an action that does that for me, the problem is that when the batch processing the JPEG Options dialog pops up for almos every image in the folder. I have been looking for an answer to this problem and I found that if you add the production set in the actions panel there's one that says "Save as JPEG medium".

Does anyone know how to create or modify that in order to make a "Save as JPEG high"?

Thanks in advance,


PS: Q is Urgent
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Easy. Go to that action (uncheck everything but this one - I did) and hit "record". Then, go and save your stuff. Hit "stop". Now, in that action, you got two "save"-s. uncheck original one, and play it. I t will go now with your settings.
Sohel RanaCommented:

You will get some ideas how to create custom action in this tutorial :

CerfAuthor Commented:
Could you explain your comment again please? a bit more in detail.

rsdn, Sorry but I had already checked that link, no luck.

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Sohel RanaCommented:
>>Does anyone know how to create or modify that in order to make a "Save as JPEG high"?

Hi Cerf:

I think you already know how to make the action but you would like to make save all your image in high quality instead of medium, right?

If so, I suggest you to create recreate the action and choose the image to save in high quality before you finish your action. When you will next time run your action with batch mode, it will follow your custom action & will save all images in high quality.


rsdn says virtually same thing...

>> Go to that action (uncheck everything but this one - I did) and hit "record".

I was referring to "save medium" action in "Production" set. U, probably, should uncheck all other actions in the set.

>> Then, go and save your stuff. Hit "stop".

I was assuming that you have selected "save medium" action, and, while it is selected, clicked on "record" button in actions panel. So now you go an "save in high quality before you finish your action" (rsdn) - and "...hit stop" (me)

>> Now, in that action, you got two "save"-s. uncheck original one, and play it. I t will go now with your settings.

You see, "save medium" action can be expanded further: it contains "flatten image" and "save" originally; but now there will be second "save" - the one you have recorded. so, uncheck original, and "save medium" will now proceed with your settings.
CerfAuthor Commented:
Sorry, it did not work for me...

I did get the JPEG options dialog and set it to high but after hitting "rec" but it did not save my settings, it just recorded a plain "save" in the action. DARN!
A V GeorgeAdditional General ManagerCommented:
Hi Cërf,

- This should work perfectly in CS. I have just tested it out. Please follow the steps exactly :-)

To record the action (this section is most important!):

- Start photoshop
- Click File > Open and open any file from the folder where all you jpeg images are stored.
- Close the opened file (these two steps are required only to make sure that you do not have to search for the folder when you are recording your action!)
- Now click the Create New Action button at the bottom of your Actions palette
- Give it any name (Eg. AutoCompress)
- Click the Record button to start recording your action
- Click File > Open and select any file from your source folder (which will open automatically)
- Click File > Save As
- Click Save in the popup window
- Click 'OK' to replace the existing file under the same name in the same folder
- Now the JPEG Options window opens
- Move the slider to the required quality '8' in this case
- Make sure the preview check box is NOT selected (should not have a tick mark)
- Click OK to save your compressed file.
- Close the open JPEG file.
- Click the Stop button on the Actions palette to stop your recording.

To run the action in batch mode:

- Click File > Automate > Batch
- In the Batch popup window do the following...
- In the Play section, select your newly recorded action from the drop down menu in the 'Action' list box

- In the 'Source' section, select 'Folder' from the drop down menu
- Click the 'Choose...' button and select your source folder (where you have your JPEG images)
- Click (select or tick) the following three check boxes...
(1) Override action 'open' commands (Click 'OK' in the warning popup)
(2) Suppress File Open Options Dialog
(3) Suppress Color Profile Warnings

- In the 'Destination' section, select 'Folder' from the drop down menu
- Click the 'Choose...' button and select your target folder (Same as your source folder)
- Click (select or tick) the 'Override Actions 'Save As' commands (Click 'OK' in the warning popup)

- Click 'OK' on the Batch pop window
- You batch file will run and all your files will be opened, compressed and closed without any pauses for your inputs.
- You can watch each file being opened and closed.
- Good Luck!

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A V GeorgeAdditional General ManagerCommented:
Continuing my earlier post, the above post is the same as my post for the earlier question on the same subject by Cerf!

Link given below:

Didn't realise a second question had been posted!!

>> it just recorded a plain "save" in the action. DARN!
it should say which settings it saves with... if you expand "save", you'll see text describing settings it applies.
CerfAuthor Commented:
Sorry andyetanotherloginname,
But the save action didn't work, althought I followed the steps on George's advice and they solved both my problems exposed in the Q's, I mean, it was the same problem but two different ways to look at it mainly because it was REAAAAALLLYY urgent, thank you all anyways,

In Cs3 and probably lower versions there is a "done" button in the save for web dialogue box that prevents you having a path issue when batching.
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