How can I speed up my VPN connection?

I am connecting two offices via VPN.  Office one has a direct T1 internet connection as does office two.  I am connecting the two offices via Watchguard Firebox SOHO 6tc.

These two offices used to be connected via 512 CIR frame relay.  Shouldn't the VPN be faster?  Are there any settings that I am overlooking on the Watchguards?  I am new to VPN networking...and I know there are different types of encription and other settings...Does anyone have some ideas?

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Hi s1224g,
Have you checked MTU settings on the client side?  Changing MTU settings may make it worse or better depending on any given condition.  Try different MTU settings to see if this works.

Another thing to consider to, is that a VPN connection (atleast what I've seen) will be considerably slower than a non-VPN connection.  With VPN, you have much more data flowing through the pipes, due to encryption.

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