Cisco VPN client - No Internet Traffic after connect

I am using VPN client vs. 4.0.1 to connect to my network. When I got connect to my network I loose connectivity to my local default gateway (ISP).

I understand that there is the concept of split-tunneling. I want to know how do I enable it in my connection. Do I need to update the VPN client or should I check the ‘Allow local LAN Access’ box?

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Typically split-tunneling is configured at the device that accepts the VPN connection, not the one that initiates it.  

This would be an example for a Cisco config:

  access-list split_tunnel_acl permit ip <local lan> mask <client subnet> mask
  vpngroup split-tunnel split_tunnel_acl
If you're using Windows XP, did you upgrade to XP Service Pack 2 recently ?

XP Service Pack 2 have a problem with Cisco VPN Client.
Even the latest VPN Client V4.6 does not work with XP SP2. FYI...;-)
delsofAuthor Commented:
Should the command looks like this. local lan client subnet mask

access-list split_tunnel_acl permit ip mask mask
vpngroup split-tunnel split_tunnel_acl

Thx for the info about XP SP2. I got a few users with XP. I will tell them to use another OS to connect to the network.


Actually, I think it should be the other way around for your network, so you want to define the traffc that you want to go to the VPN.  Everything else will just go straight to the Internet.

So, if your remote network is mask, you would use:

access-list split_tunnel_acl permit ip any
vpngroup <vpngroupname> split-tunnel split_tunnel_acl

If I've got this right, that should tell the VPN client to send any traffic destined for 10.x.x.x down the tunnel, but let the rest pass through to the Internet.

Good luck.

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