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Setting up NLB with Multiple Websites

Hi there,

Looking for guidance on NLB.  I've never used it before but I have used other load balancers like Netegrity's Central Dispatch.

We have 10 websites in IIS on a Win 2003 machine.  We are going to be getting another machine for redundancy and use NLB to load balance incoming traffic.  Both machines will be mirrors of each other in terms of structure and content.

Can NLB be used with more than one site per machine(s) ?  I'm thinking it should be able to because it looks at a VIP then determines where to send the traffic based on that VIP.  In our case, we'll need NLB to look at 10 VIPs, one for each site.  Can this be done ?

Thoughts ?  Comments ?


1 Solution
That's about the easiest setup you can have with NLB. Add your ten addresses as additional cluster addresses, and configure your web sites to listen on the according address.
Use the Network Load Balancing Manager to configure your cluster (you can do it in Network Places as well, but the Manager is easier to handle, and you should only use one method). I'd use unicast mode and two NICs in each server; one for the Dedicated IP, the other for intra-host communication.

Network Load Balancing : Configuration Best Practices for Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003

Network Load Balancing Clusters - Best practices
trzesniakjAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for your help !


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