Outlook problem - looking for a PST or other file that is no longer there.......

Thanks in advance. I'm wondering why does my computer want to open a pst to deal with attachments.  I did happen to delete a folder on my C drive called "Old_information" and maybe that was linked to Outlook. I am lost on this issue.

Here's exactly what happens:

1. I try to open an email marked with an attachment.
2.Immediately up pops a box labeled "Personal
Folders" and has [!] in an yellow triangle.

The box contains a message which reads, "The path specified for the file c:\Old Information\05_18_2004\DIR21.PST is not valid."  

3. So I click on "OK".

4. Another box comes up is labeled "Create/Open Personal Folder File".  
It also contains a drop down menu showing all the drives on my system.

At the bottom of the box next to file name it says,
"FILO.PST" and below that next to the file type is says "PST Files (*.pst) with a  drop down menu. The only other option is "all files".

5. So I click "Cancel" as opposed to "open" and the other box comes up again
"the path specified for..." so I repeat the process click "ok" and the
"Create/Open Personal Folder File" box comes up again.

I click "cancel" and finally the attachment opens.


Thanks for any remedy to this Outlook issue.


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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I guess it is looking for the PST file and may be it is not there as you have deleted

Open outlook
go to file --> data file management and click on personal folder and see if it points to the correct PST.

BTW< where is the email that you are talking about resides ?

If you bakcup of your PST file , you can import it back..

Also just in case you have not delted that old information folder from recycle bin , go there and check

Glad you got it solved..

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