What exactly is a SNAP Drive and what would you use it for?


Could someone tell me what a SNAP Drive is and what it would be used for.  I tried looking it up on the internet, but I'm not sure about what I'm finding.  From what I've found, it looks like there are SNAP server appliances and SNAP drive enclosures....?  Not sure what either is and what the difference is?  I guess maybe the Server appliance would be self-contained in that it runs with it's own cpu, OS, etc... whereas the drive enclosure would be something where you're connecting a SNAP drive to an existing server, or something like that.  I still don't get what a SNAP drive is.  Is SNAP an acronym?  Thanks.

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A Snap Appliance is a network storage solutions for the distributed enterprise. The "Snap drive" as you call it is the enclosure used in a snap appliance for upgrading storage. Snap Appliance is  delivering new storage solutions that are based on a unified software platform powered by the GuardianOS. The Company’s vision is to support any enterprise platform, any application, anywhere in the network, and to provide Snap Appliance customers with the maximum return on investment for their data management solutions. Does that help?
Basically SNAP Drive / Server, its a storage device (hard-disks) with different implementations of RAID...and Network-enabled.
See the various link to read up more.

See Quantum Snap Drives / Servers

SNAP Servers. Here you'll find details of the products.

SNAP devices.
mark-waAuthor Commented:
So, there is a difference then.  There are SNAP server appliances and there are SNAP drives that basically are just external hard drives.  So, how do the ones that are external drives connect to a machine (via SCSI cable, USB,....etc.)?

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The enclosures are used to add storage to the device internally, not externally. Depending on the appliance the enclosure could be ATA, SATA or SCSI ...even Fiber Channel or iSCSI technologies are implemented in some of the higher end units
The snap "devices" listed (drives) are designed for EXPANSION of existing SNAP servers.     ((Or yes, you could hook the snap "drives" to your PC, but you'd need to use an external SCSI connection or Fibrechannel, but that's not what they're for....))

In a nutshell, the PRIMARY PURPOSE of a snap server is to make a huge amount of storage data available to multiple computer systems.  It does this by sharing the storage capacity over the existing ethernet NETWORK.    In addition, the snap servers are incredibly easy to set up - all managed by a web page interface.

A few examples:

You have several PC's at home, and want to store a bazillion digital movies and photos and music files and videos between computers.   A snap server could be used for that.

An office, where multiple individuals are working on a project that has large storage requirements, but "performance" is not a huge issue.  Just storage size and sharing is needed.


In general terms, A snap server is classified as a NAS device- Network Attached Storage.        Access to tons of storage, but over the network.

Lastly----  the internal guts of the snap server can be set up using various levsls of RAID (storage redundancy), evertything from shadowing/mirroring, striping, or both.  (raid levels 0, 1, or 5).

The SNAP servers are built upon a proprietary LINUX system.


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mark-waAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all of your help.

I forgot to add:

The snap server can be configured to share the directories and/or files over a variety of network protocols, including Windows(tm) file shares, NFS (unix Network File System), and even (if I remember correctly) an HTTP web pag(es).     So, for example, the PC's accessing the files do not necessarily have to be in the same windows domain to be able to access stuff, assuming it's been set up properly.

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