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We are trying to update a website to not include any mailto tags, but instead to have those link to a email form where the emails are sent server side.

Anyway I did a search on the site using
as the seach text. I got ZERO results.  However, if I remove the : from the end of the word mailto I get 537 results.  But the text IS mailto: in every single result.

Any ideas as to why?

ANyway my main question is how do I search for all results that do NOT match a specific email address.

For example, I KNOW that every page has a link at the bottom that goes to
Is there a way to specify with regular expression searching or something in DW that I want to find every OTHER mailto in the site - but NO mailto that is

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Give this a try;


It should find any email address that doesn't have 'webmaster' preceeding the '@'.
mrichmonAuthor Commented:
Nope - came up with 0 results.

Any other ideas?

It might be the shortcut characters I'm using that DW doesn't like.

Try it like this and see if it produces results.  You should get the 500+ returns.


This will bring back all email addresses.

I put both this one and the other expression through RegEx Coach and they passed.

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mrichmonAuthor Commented:
Yes it did come back withh all of the results.

Is there a way to modify so I get only those results that don't have a specific email in it?  Because I can get the same results as this regular expression just be searching for "mailto"

Try this;

I think that the < that was there before was causing the problem.
I just tried the first expression and it worked for me.  I was able to determine between these email addresses.

It returned the two email addresses.
mrichmonAuthor Commented:
Okay I just got back from a meeting and had a chance to try it.

Unfortunatley it did not work either.  All email results were returned - including the  I tried it with a couple different email addresses and they were always included in the results.
I have been searching everything I can on using regex's in DW and have come up with the same concensus.  It works sporadically and when simple expressions are used.

DW seems to have a documented problem using regex's with the \s, \w, and some bracketed groups.  It also seems to have trouble with tags that have >< without a space > <.

Although I was able to do a successful search using the expression that I posted above, when I ran it several times it failed more times than not.  I can see how this can be extremely frustrating especially when you run your expression through something like Regex Coach or Regulator, and is passes only to find it doesn't work in DW S&R.

I did find a solution that you might want to consider.

This is a free download.

It is a find and replace utility that when I ran it using the original expression that I posted;
it found everything but the address(es) everytime.  You might want to take a quick look at it.

I was impressed enough that I'm going to add it to my utilities list.

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mrichmonAuthor Commented:
Well thanks for the help.

At least I know I'm not crazy or writing my regex's totally wrong.
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