On a web site I have just done - I use layers to position the text and images.

I get some reports that "on some machines" the text rides over the images.

Why does this happen and how can it be corrected? Any advice appreciated :)
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sigmaconConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are using absolute-positioned divs. Try setting the font-size fixed to a particular pixel value. I higly recommend installing FireFox browser on your computer,, so that you can test your web pages in more then one browser.
rockmansatticConnect With a Mentor Commented:
BTW it happens in FireFly, Mozilla.

This could be because you have overlapping layers.  I dont know the exact data, but I think that this is not widely execpted yet.  Also you have a couple of empty layers.  

I would also suggest using  a better method of wraping text around images (this would help a couple of the images over text problems)

I like the site though.

rockmansatticConnect With a Mentor Commented:
also fo images try this

<div id="Layer4" style="position:absolute; left:240px; top:194px; width:652px; height:137px; z-index:4;">
  <p><strong><font face="Arial">The Michael Chevis Photographic Studio </font></strong><font face="Arial">is
    based in Midhurst, West Sussex and is conveniently situated to cover the South
    of England, from Kent to Cornwall, London, the Home Counties and the Midlands.
    <strong>Michael </strong>established his studio in Midhurst in 1977, after <img src="images/wedding2.jpg" width="250" height="376" border="1" style="margin-left: 5px;      margin-top: 5px;      margin-bottom: 5px;      float: right;">
    studying Photography and Graphic Design at Salisbury College of
    Art &amp; Design.

    He is an associate member of the British Institute of
    Professional Photography (ABIPP) and an associate of the
  Master Photographer's Association (AMPA).</font></p>
midhurstAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. Firefox is great and will prove v useful. :)

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