No output to monitor

I have just built a new PC from scratch as follows...

400w ATX Power supply
P4 3.0G Prescott CPU
Asus P4P800S-X Motherboard
2 x 512mb PC3200 DDR400 RAM
160 GB Sata Hard Drive
Leadtek AGP8X 128mb 9500XT graphics

I have attached all components as per usual. And Jumpers, power cables etc etc.  However when I power up, I get no output to the monitor.  The mother board powers up ie the led is on.  The Graphics card fan powers up.  The CPU Fan powers up.  The Internal Fan powers Up.  But no output.  I have tried swapping monitors and graphics cards but neither has worked.  Perhaps I am doing something stupid.  Can any one help???  
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There are a number of things that can cause a blank video screen on startup, so you'll have to go through a process of elimination:

- motherboard shorting on case
- CMOS jumper set to CLEAR, instead of NORMAL position
- bad connections
- faulty or inadequate power supply
- bad RAM
- faulty video card
- bad cpu
- bad motherboard

To troubleshoot this, I recommend stripping down the pc to the bare essentials: install one stick of RAM, the cpu, and the video card, and reset the BIOS after installing the cpu.  Do not include hard disks, other PCI cards, or other peripherals.

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The fact that the system powers up tells us that the Power Suppy is OK.

Does the system beep? ( once, twice or any other pattern ?)

if not, I would first re-seat the CPU. Then if it's still does'nt beep I would try to replace the M/B

Good luck,
manhoodoAuthor Commented:
I just tried unattaching all devices bar the graphics card.  It now powers up the screen.  I'm at the next stage..... will be in touch again...
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manhoodoAuthor Commented:
I didn't buy a floppy drive just a CD Rom, I take it this won't matter.  Also do I just connect the CD-ROM to the IDE port?
It won't matter.  Connect the CDROM to the Secondary IDE connector, so that your hard disk isn't affected by it's speed.
manhoodoAuthor Commented:
thanks, I'll do that next...

manhoodoAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I now have all fans and CD-ROM and Hard Drive working with PC Boot up.  It's time for BIOS Now.  I'll leave this open for a while in case I run into any other trouble.  Points are yours though.  Any helpful links or further tips would be very welcome.

Many thanks  

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