Outgoing mail stuck in queue with response of "the remote server did not respond to a connection attempt" to any domain (Exch2k3)

I'm currently running an Exchage Server 2003 w/ SP1 on a Win2K3 box.  I have no problems receiving email (pennnetworkconsulting.com is the domain).  However, I cannot send any outgoing mail regardless of the domain.  I have tried a large amount of domains for email tests and none go through.  All of these domains can be resolved fine (via nslookup) from the Exchange box, but they sit in the outgoing queue on retry with a "the remote server did not respond to a connection attempt" message.  Forcing the connection does not help.  I've done a dnsreport.com test on my domain without any errors.  The Exchange box sits behind a Netgear WGT624v2 router with all the appropriate ports being forwarded.  I can telnet into my exchange server from the outside world fine (used a remote terminal server).  I've been searching through other similar questions, but none have helped.  It does not appear to be a DNS issue--I'm running DNS on the exchange box with it pointed to itself for resolution and have my ISP's DNS servers as forwarders.  I completly re-worked my entire setup over the weekend in hopes to resolve the issue--but alas, no dice.  Any ideas are greatly appreciated, I'm at the end of my rope here.  I have a feeling that it's something simple and I just need another pair of eyes to look at it.  Thanks!

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use "set vc" ... before Querying for MX, under NSLookup, to force it to make TCP Queries

Test SMTP Communication with any problemetic Domain ... and see if dropping a message manually works or not

Turn on Diagnostics logging on Transport
Enable NCSA Logging on SMTP Virtual Server

And My Favourite any 3rd Party Products ... AntiVirus/AntiSpam?

rmccune218Author Commented:
Thanks for the response.  Will try the above suggestions and let you know the results.  As for 3rd party--nothing...it's a fresh install and I havn't reached that point yet.
rmccune218Author Commented:

Used set vc command--getting valid resolution for problematic domains.  Will try the article you suggested when I can get through to the MS site.  

NCSA on the virtual server is on:

#Software: Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0
#Version: 1.0
#Date: 2004-10-25 16:19:39
#Fields: time c-ip cs-method cs-uri-stem sc-status
16:19:39 QUIT - 240
16:24:15 HELO - 250
16:24:15 MAIL - 250
16:24:15 RCPT - 250
16:24:15 RCPT - 250
16:24:15 RCPT - 550
16:24:15 RCPT - 550
16:24:15 QUIT - 240
#Software: Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0
#Version: 1.0
#Date: 2004-10-25 16:28:37
#Fields: time c-ip cs-method cs-uri-stem sc-status
16:28:37 EHLO - 250
16:28:37 MAIL - 250
16:28:37 RCPT - 250
16:28:37 DATA - 250
16:28:37 QUIT - 240
16:30:45 HELO - 250
16:30:45 MAIL - 250
16:30:45 RCPT - 250
16:30:45 DATA - 250
16:30:45 QUIT - 240
16:31:42 EHLO - 250
16:31:42 MAIL - 250
16:31:42 RCPT - 250
16:31:42 DATA - 250
16:31:42 QUIT - 240
16:35:19 EHLO - 250
16:35:19 MAIL - 250
16:35:19 RCPT - 250
16:35:19 DATA - 250
16:35:19 QUIT - 240
16:40:13 EHLO - 250
16:40:13 MAIL - 250
16:40:13 RCPT - 250
16:40:13 DATA - 250
16:40:13 QUIT - 240
16:41:19 HELO - 250
16:41:19 MAIL - 250
16:41:19 RCPT - 250
16:41:19 RCPT - 250
16:41:19 RCPT - 550
16:41:19 RCPT - 550
16:41:19 QUIT - 240
17:05:18 HELO - 250
17:05:18 MAIL - 250
17:05:18 RCPT - 250
17:05:18 DATA - 250
17:05:18 QUIT - 240
18:07:01 EHLO - 250
18:07:01 MAIL - 250
18:07:01 RCPT - 250
18:07:01 DATA - 250
18:07:06 QUIT - 240
19:14:32 EHLO - 250
19:14:32 MAIL - 250
19:14:32 RCPT - 250
19:14:32 DATA - 250
19:14:32 QUIT - 240
19:22:10 EHLO - 250
19:22:10 MAIL - 250
19:22:10 RCPT - 250
19:22:10 DATA - 250
19:22:10 QUIT - 240

Could you explain what you mean by the diagnostics logging?

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rmccune218Author Commented:
MS must have removed the article...couldn't find it.
Check this Article for SMTP Communication

this log doesn't look like NCSA ... this I guess is W3 format
rmccune218Author Commented:
Worked through the article and it queued my test message.  Received the message fine.  Not sure what that tells me?
can you check with the recipient ... whether he received it or not !!!
rmccune218Author Commented:
actually I sent an email to myself (duh, my bad)
when I try it with a valid recipient other than myself, I get "unable to relay for user@domain.com" and I cannot go further, regardless of the recipient I try.
... ok ...

I think you are trying to telnet to your own server ...

Do Telnet to external Domain Exchange Server ... if you have Yahoo account ...

get MX record for yahoo.com

'Telnet MX_IP_of_yahoo.com 25'
mail from: <your_company_email_address>
rcpt to: <your_yahoo_address>

and see if you are getting email on your yahoo

Do this all from your Exchange Server
rmccune218Author Commented:
Can't set the local echo on the yahoo mail server so it doen't allow me to see what I'm typing...
try to set using -
set localecho
rmccune218Author Commented:
feel free to try my smtp server

yahoo will not allow my login
I think I got your problem ....

This is what I am doing


Welcome to Microsoft Telnet Client

Escape Character is 'CTRL+]'

Microsoft Telnet> set localecho
Local echo on
Microsoft Telnet> open mx1.mail.yahoo.com 25

220 YSmtp mta141.mail.sc5.yahoo.com ESMTP service ready
250-SIZE 31981568

mail from: maharajkp@hotmail.com
501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments

mail from: <maharajkp@hotmail.com>
250 sender <maharajkp@hotmail.com> ok

rcpt to: <maharajkp@yahoo.com>
250 recipient <maharajkp@yahoo.com> ok

354 go ahead
TRest Message from Telnet
250 ok dirdel

Please NOTE ...  < ...@...> around Email Address


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