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map a drive from NT40 server to win2k

I have a NT40 PDC SP6a and want to map a drive to a
shared folder on a win2k SP3 machine in the same
network. the error i get is "The user must change his
password before he logs on the first time" on the NT40
server. I click OK and the error box goes away...that's
it. On any other machine in my network I can see and
map to the shared folder on the Win2k machine.I opened
usrmgr.exe on NT4 PDC and change settings for user in
question and turn off 'User must change password when
first logs on' and'Password never expires'

The win2k permissions for the shared folder allow the
NT machine (all users) full access. The NT40 can ping
the win2k machine. In the win2k machine I have allow
all machines "Access this machine from the network"
rights in the Local security policy setting. How can I
get a mapped drive from my NT40 server to a shared
folder on a win2k machine?
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1 Solution
First, verify that the 2k workstation is properly joined to your domain.
If not, then either join it to the domain, or verify the local account on the workstation you are attempting a connection via does not have the "Must change password" option checked.

Second, verify that NetBEUI is installed on the 2k machine.

After these, pass more information such as log files, used protocols, groups/users that are in effect in both the domain and the local workstation.
Did you try to set same user/password on win2k machine that you are using on NT?
Did you try to delete that account and create new one with same settings?
Do you have firewall or something that is blocking the ports on NT machine ?
ok this my first partipation on this site so ill try to get it right.

first off since you said you can ping the 2k box im sure you got ip loaded ok on the nt machine.  seccond make a user account on teh 2k domain machine that is not a duplicate of a user account on the nt domain., for this exersise ill say user01 and password02 is the configuration, oh, and the 2000 server is named "DC01" on domain "domain03".  Now go to the nt computer open a dos prompt and type

net use p: \\dc01\sharename /user:user01 password02 /y

of course "sharename" is the name of the share on DC01, and P is the drive you want to map to.

did i win this one? did i fix it? what happened?

i feel so allone..... and cold.....  hold me

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