Different Subnet, Cant see in My Network Places

Well, here is a bit of history...

When I first started working at my current job.. they were running a NT Domain Controller doing WINS and DNS, and a BDC just collecting dust waiting for PDC to break... I got here and quickly migrated our Domain Controller to 2003 running WINS and DNS and our BDC running nothing.. but BDC'ing... well our PDC is and our BDC is

So... on each of our machines we had:

DNS: (PDC doing DNS Work (Firewall Doing External DNS work)

WINS: (PDC doing WINS work)

So up to this poin.. we were functioning pretty good, when we go to Network Neighborhood on our XP machines we can see all of our machines in each of our subnets "0, 1, 2, 100"

But on comes some contractor that we hired to help us with the migration from Exchange 5.5 to 2003, and he tells us our network settings were incorrect, so he goes ahead and makes our BDC the primary WINS server... leaves the PDC as the backup WINS server.. and goes ahead and tells us to remove from the DNS records.. now after we did this... now when we go to Network Neighborhood we could only see the machines that are in the same SubNet!!!

I have tried settings some of the machines back to the way they were before hand.. but it still does not work, our DNS records seem to be correct...

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.


Carlos C.
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The network mask has been changed. Probably before was something like and now is You can use a network mask calculator to see what mask it's necessary for you network.
BTW, what are the network adresses of your networks?
civicex2gAuthor Commented:
ok.. i was doing the calculator.. but it was getting quite tricky.. as of now.. we have... Subnet Subnet Subnet Subnet subnet

1, 2, 3 subnet are different branches

and 0, 100 are main office.. just split in 2.

all of our machines are configured with the same subnet.. only difference would be the default Gateway... if your on the 100 subnet your default gateway is on 1 subnet its etc etc.. (those are the actual gateways.)

I dont understand what is going on.. I can ping all the machines.. nslookup works just fine.. I can map by either machine name or IP address...

Problem is I have my people trained just to go to network neighborhood.. find the machine they want double click.. and it shows the shared items..
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Removing the firewall DNS from the DNS settings was correct. For AD to work properly, your domain members (that includes the DC/DNS) may only use your internal (AD) DNS; for external lookups, you need to configure forwarders on your AD DNS to point to your firewall's DNS.
As for the network neighborhood browsing, that still relies on WINS. Since you now have two WINS servers, are they replicating with each other?
Make sure that on your W2k3 WINS, it only points to itself for WINS lookups. On your NT4 BDC, make sure both primary and secondary WINS entries point to itself (yes, that's no typo, its own address for both primary and secondary WINS). Then setup each WINS for Push/Pull replication with the other WINS.
civicex2gAuthor Commented:
well yeah we have 2 WINS they are both replicating from each other.. and both are setup to use themselves as WINS servers... I know when that guy came here he started playing with the Master Browswer Service on some machines.. so I am guessing that is what is causingmy headache
Unless for multihomed machines, there's basically no need to mess around with the browser service, so if your WINS replication is working, then this is indeed what's causing your headache. You'll still need a master browser in each of your subnets, and, depending on the size of your subnets, several backup browsers.

Description of the Microsoft Computer Browser Service

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civicex2gAuthor Commented:
Thank you sir... I have a strong feeling that is what went wrong... Im going to start turning on the Master Browser Service on the machines and see how that goes...

civicex2gAuthor Commented:
Just wanted to comment that I ran browstat and saw that the wrong machine was acting as the master browswer on the 100 subnet, so I went ahead and disabled the service on that machine and now everything is fixed!!!
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