What happened to Merijn and HiJack This???????????

Did Merijn and his HiJack This and other useful tools just disappear from the face of the earth.

His site hasn't been accessible for a while and his download.com entries just recently expired in the last week or so and weren't renewed.

Plus searching for him or his tools on the web doesn't bring up much. I can still find mirrors for his tools.

But the question is...

1). Did he have enough of making these tools and go onto something big and better.

2). Did he sell the rights to his tools?

3). Did some life constraint or tragedy stop him from making anything more.
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Gareth GudgerAsked:
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luv2smileConnect With a Mentor Commented:
They are still there.

Try this link:

Possibly there is malware on your system that is keeping you from accessing his site or hijack this downloads?
This site:


is currently up and running and has been. So if you can't access that, then I would suspect malware on your system is preventing it.

CWS infected computers seem to have problems accessing his site sometimes.  is listed on his site as an alternate for CWS infected computers.
Gareth GudgerAuthor Commented:
Hmm looks like I can get to it now.

For some time it seemed like it was down - tried it from multiple machines.
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