J2ME: Vertical Item traversing

Suppose Items (I was testing with StringItems) are packed across multiple rows. The focus is on one of them (let's say somewhere in the middle). When UP or DOWN key is pressed what I observe (I am working with Sun Studio's emulator) is that the focus moves to the right or left neighbor of an Item. I was expecting that it will move to the row above or below currently selected Item (if available) to the Item that is right on top or right at the bottom of the currently selected Item.

Is this implementation specific?
Do you know of any implementation that would traverse vertically on UP and DOWN?

If it was meant to be this way, do you know of the way to provide above mentioned vertical traversal? (I know that CustomItem can solve this problem but it seems to be an over killing way to solve simple issue. I am looking for relatively simple solution)
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no I tried this on Nokia emulators it works up and down don't warry :)

u can get the nokia emulators for free after registration at:


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chochomhaloimedAuthor Commented:
Can you please specify which emulator did you use. I tried few and it seemed to have the same problem.
like Nokia series 60
chochomhaloimedAuthor Commented:
I found Nokia emulator where it kind of works. But what I see is when focus is at Item in the middle of the row and up arrow is pressed, the focus goes to the first Item of the row above, implementation does not move the focus to the Item that is above an Item where focus was.

Is this normal behaviour or this is also problem of implementation/emulator? Did you ever see emulator where focus moves to the Item above on up arrow.
yes it is normal
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