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hi, i have a few Befsx41's connecting across the country side, but i needed something to connect more than two connections to one place, so i got an RV042.  it seems great, and it connects to the internet via the t1 fine, but i cant get the tunnel up when connecting to the first of my befsx41's.  

my main question is this...  on when connecting the rv it has a question/option that im unfamilar with, in the "local group setup" there is a "local security gateway type".  the befsx didnt have this and i dont know what to choose.  it defaults to ip only and the ip address defaults to all zeros, and it dosent seem to want to change.  

any help would be greatly appreciated.  thanks. dan
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humeniukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've checked the three different models of Linksys VPN routers that I use and none of them has a 'Local Security Gateway'.  All have 'Remote Security Gateway', which is the IP address of the remote connection.

I'm not familiar with your model, but with a quick scan of the manual ( I found this: "The type of Local Security Gateway Type should match the Remote Security Gateway Type of VPN devices in the other end of the tunnel" (p.41).  There should be five choices (IP only, IP + domain name authentication, IP + email addr. authentication, dynamic IP + domain name authentication, and dynamic IP + email addr. authentication), but it may default to IP only as that's what the BEFSX41 will support.  Nevertheless, in this case, the "WAN IP of the Router will automatically appear in this field" (p.41), which is not happening.

Are you setting this up as a Gateway to Gateway connection or a Client to Gateway connection?  Do you have PPTP Pass Through and L2TP Pass Through enabled?

One thing I've had issues with using the Linksys routers is that I've sometimes updated the firmware and then found that certain features don't work properly.  In terms of the VPN routers, I have at times lost VPN function until I downgraded to an earlier version of the firmware.  I have no reason to believe this is an issue in your case, but it is worth mentioning.
Thanks for the A, Dan.  Have you been able to get the VPN up and running?
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