Freezes during bootup

I just reinstalled RH 3 and opeted of lilio boot.  The install completed but when it came time to boot
it gets to a :

L (i guess for lilo) and just freezes.
How can I get the install to boot up?
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wesly_chenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, please try "/sbin/lilo" after you boot into rescue mode and "chroot".

Some historical issue. Some old motherboard doesn't support INT 13 (?) so the Linux boot partition can not locate beyond cylinder 1024. Lilo has this limitation. But grub doesn't.


   "L" means that boot loader lilo fails at stage one.

   Anyway, boot from CD with "linux rescue". Then follow the instruction to "chroot /mnt/sysimage" ? (I can't remember the name). Then use (put in an empty floppy first)
# /sbin/mkbootdisk --version `uname -r`
to create the boot floppy.

   After boot from the floppy, then run the following command:
# /sbin/lilo

   By the way, you may want to choose grub instead of lilo as boot loader.

Good luck,

xoxomosAuthor Commented:
No floppy on this machine.  Can it go to cdrom?
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